Presentation of the EUMOFA study on freshwater aquaculture: video recording available

EUMOFA has released the video recording of the EATIP webinar “Freshwater aquaculture: Nature-based solutions”, where Ms Safa Souidi presented the study “Freshwater aquaculture in the EU”

The video recording of the webinar organized by The European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP) is now available. The event addressed new trends, systems and technologies that may contribute to a more efficient use of freshwater resources both at a European and global level.

The PDF presentation of the opening talk given by Ms Safa Souidi (EUMOFA expert) is available at this link. The presentation focused on the main finding of the recently released EUMOFA study “Freshwater aquaculture in the EU”, which provided an overview of the sector, examining its socio-economic importance and the markets for its products, as well as its economic performance and level of innovation. The study concludes that growth seems to be linked, among other things, to the ability of the sector to manage to sustainably increase production through tailored and innovative solutions such as Recirculating aquaculture systems and Integrated-multitrophic aquaculture.

All presentations given during the EATIP webinar, including innovations and challenges for the sustainability of the sector, and for the transfer of innovative solutions in developing countries, are available on the EATIP website.

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EATIP webinar